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Many people, whether student or teacher, have yet to comprehend the idea that online learning may be the future of education. While it’s comparatively new, some still see only a few upsides to this form of learning. Online education, however, is highly promising, given the potentials of new technologies. There are a lot of benefits to consider if you’re planning to take an online course program. The website mentions that acquiring a paralegal degree online can be as good as getting it at an actual university. The difference,...Continue reading »

Ever heard that great beat on the local radio and it’s not even a song? Well, that might be your radio ad. Radio ads are crafted to compete for the listeners’ attention. It may come as a witty dialogue or a jingle. If you’re aiming to sell your products to dads on the road or mums doing their daily routine, you might just want to explore the wonders of radio advertising. Like every other advertising scheme, you can maximise the potential of your radio ad by following a guideline. Here are three for a start: Know Your Target Market Every...Continue reading »

Meetings are sometimes considered bottlenecks in the operations of an organization. But, you can’t deny their importance. To make the most of every meeting, it’s important to streamline every aspect of it. This especially holds true for writing down the minutes. Many businesses, especially some startups, often overlook the importance of the meeting’s minutes. Adigo says the notes or the protocols of the meeting will serve as a basis when making a decision or planning which next step to take. But, some carry out the process incorrectly,...Continue reading »

It’s not enough that you have a marketable product; if you do not know how to sell it, you’re doomed. Successful startups have two things in common. All of them have good products and effective marketing strategies.   What You Need Starting your own company comes with the challenge of finding the effective marketing strategy to sell your brand and products. Yes, you can find people who can offer you brand or content mentoring for businesses. There are also a lot of ad agencies that can market your business for you, whether traditionally...Continue reading »

Cloud computing has become the norm for business across the globe as it continues to prove its cost-effectiveness and efficiency—among many other benefits. Given these advantages, though, there are still organizations wary about getting into the cloud. Security and privacy are among the most important considerations, and perhaps you’re one of those managers concerned about the cloud’s capacity for such. Chances are it’s what’s keeping you from joining the bandwagon. Consider these helpful steps to overcome cloud security concerns: Be...Continue reading »

Tech giant Microsoft Corporation is the latest company to enter the bitcoin community. Microsoft announced that its customers could now use the digital currency to purchase certain products, such as games and apps, through third party payment processor BitPay. As of December 11, the California-based company has started allowing their app store customers to trade-in bitcoin and add credit to their personal Microsoft account. Digital Currency for Digital Content Bitcoin would be accepted as a payment option to buy digital content from Windows,...Continue reading »

Taxi booking service Uber is facing a lot of tough challenges on its path to supposed worldwide domination. In the past few weeks, it has been struggling to strengthen its brand because of the controversies. Apart from a series of bans, the company is facing allegations of rape and concerns over the competition in the industry. This article looks at the top three worldwide pressures Uber experiences right now. Complaint on Unfair Competition in Spain Last week, a judge has ordered Uber to stop operating in Spain amid massive protests by several established taxi associations....Continue reading »

Ford Motor Company has finally revealed its plans to update its infotainment system, replacing the Microsoft-based operating system with BlackBerry’s offering. The company will ditch its longtime software provider for the new system, named “Sync 3.” Out With the Old, In With the New The move means the automaker will drop the MyFordTouch and MyLincolnTouch names. According to Michele Krebs, senior analyst for, “[MyFordTouch (and Sync before it)] has been the modern-day equivalent of Edsel for the automaker. So good...Continue reading »

Search engine giant Google has removed the official Amazon app from its Play Store, after the e-commerce giant admitted that there was a hidden app store within the app. Competition for Shopping Search Traffic Multiple reports claim that Amazon has added its own hidden app store within its main Android app in Play Store. Since September, the company allows people to download apps from within its application. The strategy directly replicates a function of the app store itself. Tech experts say that what Amazon was planning to do was to infiltrate Google Play Store with...Continue reading »

A recent report from Gartner, an IT research and advisory firm, reveals that Chinese company Xiaomi is now the fourth-largest seller of smartphones all over the world. It is now right behind Huawei, which recently reported a surge in smartphone sales this year. Over the summer, Xiaomi became one of the world’s largest phone maker in the process. The company was founded in 2010, selling smartly designed phones at very affordable prices over the Web. The findings show that Xiaomi sold a total of 15.8 million units in the third quarter,...Continue reading »