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Protecting Your Home from Wildfires

Fireman dealing with a wildfire

In July 2018 alone, about six wildfires raged across Utah. These wildfires can decimate natural surroundings, damage homes, and take lives, so knowing how to protect your family and home from it is important. Wildfires are caused when heat ignites the grass. They normally occur due to human activities,...


GPS Simulators & Their Applications

Space satellite orbiting earth

Regardless of the type of GPS product a developer wants to set out in the market, testing is an essential aspect of the product’s service life. Testing gives an overview of the performance and reliability of the product. In typical circumstances, GPS equipment will be subject to interference, reflection,...


The Pro With IT Pros: 4 Benefits An IT Consultant Brings In A Business

For business leaders, it is a common knowledge that starting a company would require professionals from assorted fields. One such pro whose skills would be needed is an IT consultant. These people are well-versed in information technology, which only means they know about how people use computers or...


Setting Up JIRA with the Help of a Consultancy Firm

Project management software systems are complex and so, might require plenty of time to set up. JIRA is one of the most popular online project management software, and it can also be hard to customize. Accxia says JIRA consultancy services may help you do a correct setup the first time, without a need...

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Give Your Business An Edge By Improving Efficiency

If you are looking for a credible way to achieve excellent results in business operations, you can’t go wrong with improving your project management skills. Such an approach ensure that you hit the ground running from the onset. In business, time is your greatest resource, and you need to put every...


BIM and Its Benefits to the AEC Industry

Building Under Contruction

Nowadays, having great minds from different parts of the world to work on a single project has never been this so easy. The process gets even easier with newer platforms and apps being developed and released on an almost weekly basis. Such is the case for the architecture, engineering and construction...


Embracing Efficiency: Go the Cloud Way

There may be several instances where you left your house or office in a hurry because you were late for a meeting or a presentation at a distance location. Upon arrival, you may realize that you left your drive in your drawer back at the house or office. Heading back for it is not an option since you...


Sending and Connecting: Ways to Send Files via Mobile Phones Today

Mobile phones have come a long way from its origins in the 1970s. From bulky screenless tools that only had a keypad and an antenna to the slim, glossy smartphones of today, phone users await what the next upgrade would be. In the early 2000s when brands such as Nokia and Motorola were in everyone’s...


What are the Latest Property Technology Trends in the UK?

A woman wearing a VR headset

The introduction of 3D product visualisation as an innovative tool has become applicable in the real estate sector, particularly with the combination of virtual and augmented reality. In the UK, property developers now have a better way of showing off their homes without having to hold an open house,...

The Big Picture

Planning for Self-Development Programs for Your Business Executives

From understanding more efficient business models and mastering changes in the market to maximising strengths in their area of specialisation, your business executives can always use the services of a provider self-development programs. Here are some reasons you should use a career coaching services...