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The Burning Platform

Understanding the Types of Disaster Recovery Solutions

Man trying to hold virtual lock

A business continuity or disaster recovery plan is crucial for all businesses. The plan involves more than just restoring files from backups; it keeps your critical online services and applications running during power outages or loss of Internet connection. It also allows your employees to continue working and communicating in times of disaster, as well […]

The Burning Platform

Why Your Business Should Switch to Thermal Printing Now

Printers have and will always play a major role in sign-making and labelling. And while these two are crucial to marketing and advertising, their functions go beyond these. Their purposes extend to ensuring the safety and security of people. For all these uses, printing machine manufacturers continue to improve upon their products, making such pieces […]

The Burning Platform

Help Your Child Become an Athlete in 3 Ways

Many people have witnessed the greatness of once-in-a-lifetime athletes like Michael Phelps and Serena Williams and wondered if their child could be the next big name in the world of sports. While there’s no surefire way to know if your children will turn out to be sports stars, you can sure help them become the […]

The Burning Platform

Increased Functionality of Call Center for Better Customer Relations

Line of Call Center Employees

Even with social media and online chat rooms on the rise as alternative customer relations mediums, call centers continue to be the primary channel for interaction between companies and their clients. You may have a contract with an order taking call center like yourself. For this year, you may want to focus on call center functionality that will benefit your brand and […]

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Clinical Documentation Errors That Could Put Your Practice at Risk

Every time you visit a new doctor, he or she requires you to recount your medical history for their own records. Innovations in medical IT, such as electronic health records (EHRs), includes software that allows medical facilities to store all your data in one place. Apart from that, these are accessible to all medical providers […]

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Sky Safety: What makes an Air Traffic Controller’s Job so Terrifying?

Whenever you travel by plane, how many times have you thought that your safety lies in the hands of the pilot and controller team alone and nobody else’s? Although it’s common knowledge that plane passengers depend on the pilot to keep the flight safe, in reality, however, we have air traffic controllers (ATCs) to thank […]

The Burning Platform

Knowing When to Increase the Price of Your Goods: A Price Increase Manual

Businesses increase the price of their products and/or services due to many reasons such as production value and market competition. Doing this may be easy, but not all customers can take it lightly. Increase the price of your goods without losing customers through the following ways. Ensure their Satisfaction Before increasing the price of your […]

The Burning Platform

Choosing the Right Yoga Studio

Beginners and experienced yogis alike typically prefer practicing their discipline in a studio. Apart from the facilities, it also completes their overall experience. Choosing the right yoga studio, however, can be a difficult decision. When you’re in that phase, below are some factors to consider. Determine Your Style Yoga studios host different kinds of yoga […]

The Burning Platform

Essential Strategies to Improve Communication with Your Customers

Communication between your company and customers is a key foundation for the growth of your business. It’s important that you invest in good communication channels if you want to increase the revenues of your business, as well as retain your customers. Learning modern techniques businesses use to manage communication between employees and customers is a great starting […]

The Burning Platform

Avoid These Mistakes When Building Your Dream House

Many potential homeowners make fundamental mistakes when building their first home, and it causes them multiple problems later on. The article highlights some of the costly errors people should avoid when building their custom homes.    Building a custom home allows many people the luxury of creating a living space that meets their every specification […]