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Avoidable Mistakes in Creating a Corporate Video

The task of creating a corporate promotional video will take a lot of knowledge to complete. Although your end goal is to make the output successful, all the zeal and hard work can only go so far if certain erroneous decisions are made. Avoid these errors to ensure that you don’t waste your energies and […]

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Establish Your Brand Identity with a Brand Documentary

Woman editing clips for documentary

What type of video will you use to present your brand to your target customers? Today’s video content ranges from 30-second ads to hours-long livestream videos. A 30-second explainer video may be too short and live video may be too bland. With all these other video types out of the question, you can turn to brand documentaries. […]

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Air Force Technology: Thwarting Supersonic Collisions

Two US Air Force and a Military Aircraft

While it may have been impossible for the aircraft industry of previous years to pull such a thing off, the US Air Force has made a bold proclamation: they are making supersonic mid-air and land crashes history by 2020. Using emerging air force technology, supersonic fighter jets conducting combat maneuvers can avoid a crash thanks […]

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The Business Benefits of Hiring a Digital Development Agency for Promotions

Businesses will always need to expand and innovate and what better medium to do that than through the Internet? With the constant upgrades and options in online advertising, there are many choices to promote your company. If you don’t know where to start, why not hire a web development agency to help you? The Internet […]

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3 Costly Security Oversights that Leave Your Premises Vulnerable

Many people often make crucial mistakes when securing their premises, which leave them open and vulnerable to thieves and burglars. In a commercial setting, having outstanding building security protects the building’s occupants as well as their properties. In the case of a security breach, companies tend to suffer massive losses as thieves access crucial data and expensive […]

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Product Recalls And Their Extensive Effect on Finances

No business would continue to exist and make profits without stringent quality control. The main reason: expensive product recalls. Just ask Ford. Sixteen years ago, 6.5 million tires from Bridgestone/Firestone which were on Ford Explorers and Mercury Mountaineers were recalled. It’s due to tire failures that caused some 200 deaths and about 3,000 injuries. The […]

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Carpets, Dirt, and Allergy

Filthy office carpet is one of the main causes of poor indoor air quality. While it may not emit any unpleasant odor or look harmless, office carpet is saturated with dirt, germs, and pollen. The contaminants in the fibers are further disrupted by foot traffic, which then affects the air quality in your workplace. Trapping […]

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Electrocution: The Hazard Cable Installers and Fixers Face

In the cabling and wiring industry, workers, especially those who install and repair electrical cables and wires, are always at risk of various occupational hazards. One of the greatest hazards they face at work is electrocution. Electrocution at work The body easily conducts electricity. Whichever part of it receives electrical shock, the electricity will simply […]

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The Dangers Concrete and Cement Workers Have to Deal With

Almost all types of occupations come with hazards, but some kinds of jobs place workers at higher risk. Concrete and cement workers are some of these individuals. In the U.S. alone, the average number of employees in the concrete manufacturing industry who sustained injuries or developed illnesses amount to 28,000. This represents more than 20% of […]

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More Than the Price: Are Generic Meds a Good Enough Substitute to Branded Drugs?

The term generic often entails subpar and inferior products, but that isn’t the case with medications. If you compare a branded drug from a generic one, you’re going to see the same lineup of ingredients that make up for the effectiveness of a particular medical pill, tablet, or fluid. According to Crystal Clear RX, you […]