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Avoidable Mistakes in Creating a Corporate Video

a team evaluating a videoThe task of creating a corporate promotional video will take a lot of knowledge to complete. Although your end goal is to make the output successful, all the zeal and hard work can only go so far if certain erroneous decisions are made. Avoid these errors to ensure that you don’t waste your energies and resources on your video production.

Hiring the Wrong Company

Perhaps the most crucial mistake one can commit is to appoint the wrong video production company for their needs. Avoid going for the cheapest option, and do your homework before making that final choice. Look up different production firms and see which specializes in the kind of videos that suit your purpose best. Consulting a corporate production company like One Floor Up is an excellent way to narrow down your options.

Not Asking Questions

If you just agree with what the production company offers, then this can lead to a very different outcome from what you originally envisioned. Though you’ve already discussed with your chosen production company the details of your ideas, make it a point to ask how they’re doing from time to time. Request regular updates and timely previews of their progress so that you can make adjustments to what you’ve seen early on.

Going Over the Top

Yes, you want to wow your target audience, but avoid making the video too complicated. Focus on a clear message and story structure to effectively get your point across to your market. Too many elements in a promotional video can make it so confusing that your viewers can lose the message altogether.

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A promotional video’s goal is to make the company and its services appealing to its clients, and it will still be up to you to make that a reality. Make that extra effort to find the right company, be creative with the presentation, and stay in control. Follow these pointers and be rewarded with a favorable outcome.

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