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How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2016

SEO TrendsAs a digital marketer, SEO trends in 2016 are very important and something that you need to focus on because it will impact the work that you are doing. Digital marketing is the buzz word for 2016 and if you’re involved with digital marketing in Minnesota, you will want to see what changes will happen in 2016.

Changes in 2016

The focus will be on mobile devices: Mobile devices account for 60% of time spent online; this will come as no surprise because more than 2 billion people worldwide use smartphones to access the internet. Digital marketers are currently facing difficulties with connecting to mobile audiences because cookie-based technologies don’t work well with mobiles. 2016 will be the year that new and improved technologies bridge this gap to connect with mobile users. A full 2/3rd of digital ad spending will focus on mobiles; that is a staggering $42 billion.

It is all about people in 2016: advertisers will focus on people-based marketing; this will give them more flexibility and control. It is predicted that media buyers will spend as much as 50% of their budgets on fully addressable media options. Digital marketers will face pressure to make their marketing campaigns more about people than about cookies or devices.

Shifting focus from workflow efficiency to targeting precision: In 2016, advertisers will want ‘targeting efficiency’ from their marketing. In other words, this means that they will want to reach known audiences as opposed to unknown audiences. A case in point is increased investment in Facebook which is a known targeting solution.

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Living with ad-blocking: With ad-blocking being the new reality, digital marketers and their patrons will want new solutions that can look beyond ads. Better formats, targeting and relevancy will become the new buzz words for 2016 as far as digital marketing is concerned, in Minnesota.

These are some of the changes that you will see in digital marketing in 2016. If you’re a digital marketer, the year promises to be exciting.

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