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Italy on a Budget: Yes, It’s Possible with These Helpful Hacks

Italy on a BudgetEven with the skyrocketing costs of exploring Italy, you could still have that vacation you’ve always dreamed of with these money-saving tricks. 

  • Where to Sleep – Some hostels in nice areas are relatively expensive, with rooms priced between 65 and 90 euros a night, while budget hotels are around 70 euros or higher for a double. Consider renting a room or apartment from locals or stay down south as rooms are more pocket-friendly there.
  • Where to Eat – Proper Italian meals in fine dining restaurants will set you back 23 euros with wine—add around 9 euros if the restaurant is a tourist hotspot. Readymade eats such as paninis, pizza slices, and other light snacks range from 2 to 4 euros, while fast food like McDonald’s are priced at 9 euros for a budget meal. Note however that you’ll have to add 3 euros in restaurants for the sit-down fee or coperta, which covers bread and the service charge. If you’re cooking, allot 45 to 65 euros weekly.
  • How to Stay Connected – Avoid making phone calls from your own room, especially overseas calls. Use the free Internet connection to your advantage if you can find one. Otherwise, Internet connection can be costly. As for your trusty mobile phone, UK Prepaid Sim Card suggests purchasing a multi-country sim card that will work in Italy and other countries to save money on mobile charges.
  • Getting Around – Take advantage of the train network. Eurostar and similar fast trains cost between 35 and 65 euros for each trip, while slower trains range from 6 to 23 euros. Subways and buses cost around 2 euros per ticket. If you are travelling long distances across the country, consider EasyJet or Ryanair for affordable flights.
  • What to See and Do – Majority of museums and tourist attractions cost from 13 to 18 euros, more if you’re getting a guide for the Colosseum or Vatican. Prices of wine tours range from 60 to 75 euros. Consider walking tours since prices are relatively low, plus it’s an excellent way to meet like-minded people.
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With a little bit of advance planning and flexibility, you’ll go a long way even with a small budget. So get on with your planning, pack up your bags, and be on your merry way to Italy.

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