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Radio Advertising: Making It Work for You

Radio MicEver heard that great beat on the local radio and it’s not even a song? Well, that might be your radio ad.

Radio ads are crafted to compete for the listeners’ attention. It may come as a witty dialogue or a jingle. If you’re aiming to sell your products to dads on the road or mums doing their daily routine, you might just want to explore the wonders of radio advertising.

Like every other advertising scheme, you can maximise the potential of your radio ad by following a guideline. Here are three for a start:

Know Your Target Market

Every ad campaign should start with a clear goal in mind: know whom your ads will be targeted to. Say you are selling organic produce, you can aim your ads to attract mums or all-natural advocates. If you are in the business for a few months now, you may note that your biggest sales might come from young professionals who want a change in their lifestyle. The point is, direct your ads to a specific age group or crowd to help your advertising managers know how to pitch your script. You can consult with an advertising company to help you analyse your demographics and direct your ad campaigns.

Know What You Are Buying

As a business owner or marketing person, you should know where your campaign budget is spent. Three things that affect radio ad rates – frequency, cost-per-point and reach. Frequency is how many times in a day your ad played. Cost-per-point or CPP is a ratio of how much it costs to buy one rating point, that is, the cost to get one per cent of the population in your target area. Reach is about the number of people who hears your ad. So in including a budget for your radio ad, make sure you get the most strategic time possible where your target audience can hear your ad as many times as possible.

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Know What Tickles Your Audience Fancy

Powerful ads may last for an average of 60, 30 or 15 seconds, and that’s enough. Depending on the popularity of your commodity, you can aim for shorter ads with a crisp and no-adjective script. Just plain message delivery. But if you can, add some humour or a catchy jingle to attract your listeners. Even if they forget the exact words, the way they feel about your ad will affect your brand image.

Radio advertising may be the old way of doing it, but like other good media, it never goes out of style. Knowing what you want out from your radio advertising helps make your ad campaign successful and boosts your business.

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