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The New Smartphone Giant? Xiaomi Named Fourth Biggest Seller

Xiaomi_Mi_3A recent report from Gartner, an IT research and advisory firm, reveals that Chinese company Xiaomi is now the fourth-largest seller of smartphones all over the world. It is now right behind Huawei, which recently reported a surge in smartphone sales this year.

Over the summer, Xiaomi became one of the world’s largest phone maker in the process. The company was founded in 2010, selling smartly designed phones at very affordable prices over the Web.

The findings show that Xiaomi sold a total of 15.8 million units in the third quarter, up by 322 per cent from the same period last year. Gartner notes that the tech company sold only 3.6 million units in 2013. Xiaomi is now the No. 1 choice for Chinese consumers, grabbing the spot from South Korean company Samsung.

Based on Gartner’s research, the Chinese tech firm is poised to claim its place as one of the most powerful smartphone makers in the most important market in the world.

Smartphone Wars

The smartphone battle in China is no longer just between Samsung and Apple. Despite strong sales, the two companies lost some of their market share to Chinese brands – including Xiaomi.

Based on latest figures, Samsung’s third quarter performance is sitting at 24.4 per cent. But, the company suffered from a massive drop from the same period last year where Samsung’s market share was at 32.1 per cent.

Apple Inc., on the other hand, reported a 12.7 per cent market share in Q3 this year. That is a bit higher compared to only 12.1 per cent from third quarter in 2013.

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Global Domination

The company’s founders, Chinese business owner Lei Jun and the former Google executive Lin Bin, now aims to take their brand globally.

Even though Xiaomi already sells its comprehensive line of products internationally, the year 2015 will be the proof whether or not it can continue earning a big market share beyond China.

“Selling the phone to users is a good start, but it’s really not the end of the business,” Lin said in a recent interview. “It’s actually the beginning of the business. It’s after the user buys the phone and starts using the phone that will generate extra value, to users and to us.”

After just four years in operation, Xiaomi was able to outperform LG Electronics, Samsung, and Apple. Industry watchers believe that the company has out-innovated rivals and all comers in China.

“Xiaomi fans have a high level of organization,” Li Nan said, vice president of the competitor Meizu. “They love Xiaomi. It’s a form of idolatry.”

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