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For Homemakers: Four Basics of Dust Collection and Extraction

Dusty carpetDo you work for the surface finishing industry? If so, you have experienced how much dust gets left when you polish rough surfaces through processes like sandblasting. The dust particles can vary depending on whether the finished surface material was glass, wood, or metal.

They are similar in one way though: dust clutters up the surroundings, which can lead to health risks if left uncleaned. Thanks to technology, surface finishing industries now employ tools that can extract and collect dust after sandblasting or polishing practices.

“Airwall” System

After sandblasting or surface finishing, it is inevitable that dust particles would get in the air due to how light they are. This system is a filter unit that is responsible for removing airborne dust particles. They have low horsepower fans in them that suck in the particles into the machine.

The filters inside the machine are automatically cleaned by having compressed air circulate around it. This saves you the hassle of cleaning the filters frequently yourself. Whether you are a homemaker or a surface finishing professional, dust extraction and collection is key to cleaner spaces.

Horizontal Stand-Alone Dust Collector

Horizontal stand-alone dust collectors are ideally for cleaning up dust in a building with a low ceiling, areas on low profile roofs, or basically any space that is too confined to use vertical dust collectors.

If you do not want any dust left in hard-to-reach nooks and crannies in your home or workplace, this dust collector will do the job.

Inline Cyclone Dust Collector

An inline cyclone system collects dust by creating a cyclone or whirling mass of fluid that sucks dust into the machine. Their design catches heavy dust particles from the stream of air created when collecting dust. This will help put less stress on the filter because they will not have to handle heavy dust loads.

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