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Three Ways to Manage Your Remote Team Effectively

Team discussionMore and more executives are building their remote teams because it is cost-efficient. However, not all remote teams work because of the lack of structure. Here are ways you, as a leader, can handle and manage your virtual team effectively.

Be clear about your expectations.

Some managers complain about how team members lack the discipline and time management to be left with their own devices. To avoid this, you need to set your expectations right from the very start. Be transparent about what you want from your people. A good way to keep things from getting out of hand is to put ground rules. Set weekly deliverables and by the end of the week, have them submit accomplishment reports.

Enable workflow with the use of technology.

You have no reason not to make use of the best technologies to enable your workforce. Take advantage of online platforms to help project team members to have a smooth workflow. Utilising a human resource management system or HRMS on the cloud, for instance, will be very helpful to your HR team in the different phases of resource management. Use tools that will give you access to track your team’s progress. This will help make everyone’s lives better.

Establish communication systems.

Identify channels of communication that you will utilise and for what purpose. Emphasize the importance of responding to emails immediately. It is also important to get face time now and then. And while you are building a professional working relationship, it would not hurt to get to know one another a little better. Schedule conference calls regularly for brainstorming sessions and even just to share each other’s interests.

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Managing a remote team is a challenge, but with processes and systems established, it can work to your advantage. The most important of all is to hire the right people with the right attitude. The rest would mostly depend on how you will run it.

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