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Top 5 Fire Prevention Tips for the Workplace

Building emergency exit with fire extinguisherFires are devastating occurrences whether residential or commercial. In 2016, the U.S. reported over 1.3 million fires that caused deaths, injuries, and property damage worth $10.6 billion. No matter how many fire awareness campaigns organizations launch every year, constant reminders can never hurt. believes in preserving the value and integrity of a property and you can achieve it by strictly implementing fire prevention plans in your place of business. Here are 5 ways to protect your establishment.

1. Go Paperless

Not only is this good for the environment but reducing the amount of fire hazard materials is the best way to prevent fires in the workplace.

2. Be Mindful of Heat-Oriented Devices

You need to keep away copiers, coffee makers, microwaves, and computers from anything that can easily catch fire, like curtains and paper.

3. Regularly Check Electrical Cords

When damaged chords spark, a small fire could occur. If undetected, it can turn into a disaster that no can damage property and cause major injuries. Always have all electrical cords checked for damage on a regular basis.

4. Regularly Maintain Your Fire Alarms and Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems can collect dirt and dust or get painted over due to non-use. Having a fire protection professional conduct annual inspections can ensure that your alarms and sprinklers are always ready for a fire.

5. Create a Fire Plan

Train all employees on how to handle fire extinguishers and other equipment that they may need to use in case a fire occurs. Distribute your fire plan to each employee and conduct fire drills at least once a year.

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It’s true that there’s never enough preparation for a fire disaster. But knowing what to do in case it does happen still holds credit for fire safety. Make sure that everyone in your building participates in fire drills and have the number for your local fire department on speed dial. Knowledge and preparation is key to having a fire-ready workplace.

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