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Five Steps to Creating a Collaborative Work Environment

Team working on a project

Whether your company is involved in design-thinking business or not, collaboration is one of the key ingredients of success. Enforcing it is not an easy task, however. Here are some proven ways to promote collaboration among the different departments in your organisation. 1. Streamline the processes...

To The Press

Establish Your Brand Identity with a Brand Documentary

Woman editing clips for documentary

What type of video will you use to present your brand to your target customers? Today’s video content ranges from 30-second ads to hours-long livestream videos. A 30-second explainer video may be too short and live video may be too bland. With all these other video types out of the question,...

No Quarter

Video Marketing: How Long Should Your Videos Be?

You can create different types of video content, such as explainer video, corporate video, and product video. But with all the videos available on the Internet, how can you be sure that your target audience will watch your videos? One secret lies in video length. As you work with a reliable video editing...


Things to Consider Before Installing Solar Panels

The number of renewable power installation projects increases because solar power is becoming more affordable. It is now cheaper to have your own solar-powered house compared to being connected to the grid. explains that you can control your utility bills when you go solar. With this...


What You Should Know When Handling Big Data

Data analytics concept

You will need large amounts of information to make machine learning work. Sometimes, not all of that info is relevant to your project. But it is only through large sample sizes can you detect trends or anomalies. Here are some of the facts you should know when handling gigabytes of information. Information...

Market Ticker

Performance Testing: What is it and is it Really Important?

Performance testing is a type of software testing approach, but it does not aim to find bugs. Instead, its main purpose is to help identify and eliminate performance bottlenecks to ensure that the application will work well under a variety of load conditions. Performance testing focuses on checking an...

The Big Picture

Burglary: How it Destroys the Budget and the Mind of the Homeowner

Burglar with crowbar in front of the house

Burglary is a common crime in the United States that some take it for granted. But it’s not only costly but also downright frightening and traumatic. How Much It Costs There’s no way of knowing the actual costs of a burglary, but on the average, a homeowner can lose $2,000 worth of belongings. If...

The Burning Platform

Why Your Business Should Switch to Thermal Printing Now

Printers have and will always play a major role in sign-making and labelling. And while these two are crucial to marketing and advertising, their functions go beyond these. Their purposes extend to ensuring the safety and security of people. For all these uses, printing machine manufacturers continue...

The Burning Platform

Help Your Child Become an Athlete in 3 Ways

Many people have witnessed the greatness of once-in-a-lifetime athletes like Michael Phelps and Serena Williams and wondered if their child could be the next big name in the world of sports. While there’s no surefire way to know if your children will turn out to be sports stars, you can sure help them...

The Big Picture

4 Ways to Support Your School Sports Teams

Playing sports is among the most vibrant extracurricular activities in high school. This is usually among the fields where the status of the school is elevated. This is why no matter what your role is, you must do what you can to make sure that they’re supported and satisfied with the level they’re...