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The Burning Platform

Increased Functionality of Call Center for Better Customer Relations

Line of Call Center Employees

Even with social media and online chat rooms on the rise as alternative customer relations mediums, call centers continue to be the primary channel for interaction between companies and their clients. You may have a contract with an order taking call center like yourself. For...


A Look at Earth’s Manmade Satellites in Orbit

The technical definition of a satellite isn’t something widely known. A satellite is anything that orbits a nearby planet. It doesn’t matter if the satellite is natural (i.e. the moon) or manmade. Regarding the latter, the Earth has many satellites in orbit apart from the moon, including everything...

To The Press

Air Force Technology: Thwarting Supersonic Collisions

Two US Air Force and a Military Aircraft

While it may have been impossible for the aircraft industry of previous years to pull such a thing off, the US Air Force has made a bold proclamation: they are making supersonic mid-air and land crashes history by 2020. Using emerging air force technology, supersonic fighter jets conducting combat maneuvers...

No Quarter

Linux Today: The 4.10 Kernel and the Rising Linux Distros

Linux continues to be popular among web servers and, as someone in the industry, a comprehensive understanding and up-to-date information about it is crucial. Moreover, in-depth knowledge of Linux trends brings you one step closer to getting LPI certification. So, apart from practice tests with companies...

The Burning Platform

Clinical Documentation Errors That Could Put Your Practice at Risk

Every time you visit a new doctor, he or she requires you to recount your medical history for their own records. Innovations in medical IT, such as electronic health records (EHRs), includes software that allows medical facilities to store all your data in one place. Apart from that, these are accessible...


Home Sweet Work-at-home: What Employers Need to Know

In the ever-changing work environment landscape, businesses have to keep up if they want to maximise the productivity of their operations and keep their staff constantly motivated at the same time. Many strategies have been implemented throughout the years, but one is becoming wildly popular lately — telecommuting...

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3 Secrets in Ensuring That Your Construction Projects Meet the Highest Quality Standard

Many contractors go out of their way to meet and exceed customer expectations. After all, quality is central to a successful construction project. It must live up to its expected function and meets the client’s expectation. While such feats may seem challenging, you only need to break it down into...

The Big Picture

Despite Looming Taxes on Digital Transactions, Online Jobs Still a Lucrative Option

You might be one of many people that overspent during the holiday season and now that it is over, you are probably looking for a way to fill that big hole in your pocket. Online jobs are a great way to earn extra cash, as most of them only require minimal effort and time on your part. Writing reviews,...

The Big Picture

7 Factors that Affect Construction Costs

Are you planning to construct a building soon? If the answer is yes, then it is only important to know how contractors charge you as their client. Below are the factors involved in construction estimation. Cost of Materials Supplies such as cement, steel, paint, and cables consume a major amount when...

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3 Steps to Mitigating Combustible Dust Explosions in Food Processing Plants

From sugar to wheat flour, a range of food products in processing plants is susceptible to combustible dust explosions. So, it is no surprise that the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has always been strict with food plants regarding their dust collection systems. After all, combustible...