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GPS 101: Multi-Element GNSS Simulators

Global Positioning Systems have advanced in technology over time to become the most reliable means of giving information on location and time irrespective of weather conditions. That applies to anywhere on Earth and in surrounding atmosphere if there is a clear line of sight between transmitting and...


3 Ways Your Product Can Benefit from Using a GPS Simulator

The testing phase is crucial to the development of any product, especially those intended for navigation assistance. By testing your product, you get to see if it is effective and efficient. Here are the top three reasons you should use a GPS simulator for your product testing. Controlled test environment A...

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Here Are 3 Cool Items to Use on Your Kids’ Backyard Camping

Family camping in there backyard

Backyard camping is a great outdoor activity your kids can enjoy with the whole family or with their friends. Take their experience up a notch with the help of these camping essentials that are sure to help bring in the fun. 1. A Portable Speaker Hold a little dancing competition while out camping. This...

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Top 5 Fire Prevention Tips for the Workplace

Fires are devastating occurrences whether residential or commercial. In 2016, the U.S. reported over 1.3 million fires that caused deaths, injuries, and property damage worth $10.6 billion. No matter how many fire awareness campaigns organizations launch every year, constant reminders can never hurt.


The Three Best Advantages of Cloud Testing

Cloud storage is being used by almost all companies and organizations all over the globe to store sensitive data and backup files. Various cloud testing tools have their own ways of meeting both functional and non-functional requirements. If you’re not convinced that you need to come up with a cloud-testing...

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U.S. News Ranks Software Development as the Best Job for 2018

Software developer working

IT staff outsourcing services will be more relevant in the future, as there would be around 253,400 jobs for software developers between 2016 and 2026, according to U.S. News & World Report. mentioned that this has led software development to rank on top of U.S. News’ list of...


A Fast and Convenient Way to Get Music Playing Anytime, Anywhere

White bluetooth speakers

Music, according to Giorgos Rachiotis, is the greatest creation of man, capable of touching the soul and helping an individual to sympathetically manifest their unspoken desire. It is capable of releasing the humanity in every man and woman, and its universality is very hard to deny. It transcends age,...

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Understanding the Basic Parts of a Financial Statement

Financial statements have different sections, and one doesn’t have to be an accountant to understand them. These statements reflect the sources of money for a company — how they used the money and the current balance. There are four main sections in a financial statement: 1. Balance Sheet Balance...


Material Testing and the Different Kind of Machines Involved

Materials testing is a well-recognized method used to figure out the mechanical and physical characteristics of raw materials. It also determines the physical and mechanical elements from steel to human hair, ceramics, and composite materials. Universal materials testing is usually done in mechanical...

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Experts Urge Heat Stress-Resistant Home Designs in Australia

Row of Australian homes

Australia’s building code should undergo changes to include home designs that are heat stress-resistant, aside from being energy-efficient, according to a University of South Australia research associate. Newly constructed buildings in the country have sacrificed natural ventilation in favour of insulating...