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Online and Physical: Two Predominant Retail Channels Nowadays

When putting up a retail business, one important aspect that needs a thorough analysis is the channel through which customers will be able to access products. Today, the two main channels are online and physical stores. Here’s a closer look at these two important retail channels. Online Shops Thanks to the Internet, it’s now easier […]

The Big Picture

SEO Tools: Why You Need Them in Your Campaigns


There are a number of tools to support every aspect of SEO. This allows you to target international audiences, optimizing and promoting the popularity of websites with various tools and methods. You can use various search query reports and filter them by location with Google webmaster tools. As the experts of PR Caffeine explain, tools […]

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3 Reasons Not to Neglect the Power of SEO


Having an online presence is a must because it’s currently the number one advertising medium in today’s digital media age. If you aren’t found online, you’re basically not existing. People are spending more and more time in front of their screens for many reasons: finding products and services is one of them. So, if you […]