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BIM and Its Benefits to the AEC Industry

Building Under ContructionNowadays, having great minds from different parts of the world to work on a single project has never been this so easy. The process gets even easier with newer platforms and apps being developed and released on an almost weekly basis. Such is the case for the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry which has significantly benefited after the Building Information Modeling (BIM) hosting service became available. And here are some of the reasons why:


The beauty of making BIM available doesn’t stop from team members able to access the system in the office, at home, in the field or anywhere in the globe. Did you know that by contracting a hosting service, you can reduce the budget allotted for IT infrastructures and even office space rentals?

BIM hosting usually comes in the form of online client-server based system which means it doesn’t require setting up servers inside your office. With this, it effectively eliminates the cost of server operation and maintenance, not to mention big savings on manpower salary.

Not an Ordinary Design App

Yes, it was initially marketed as software, but BIM is no ordinary software anymore. It’s a powerful tool which is used to create complex infrastructure designs where any team members across the globe can access.

Plus, it allows you to subject the design to testing and analysis to ensure that every question and problem is answered. What’s more, you can even design plans for the structure’s eventual demolition.

Work Wherever, Whenever Needed

With BIM available online, you can hire architects and engineers from anywhere around the globe to work on one project. Now, you don’t even have to bring them physically inside the office to work together. What’s more, since the working files are securely available online, anyone can work anywhere, any time of the day.

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So it’s like having the best minds to virtually work together from planning and designing up to testing and analyzing every phase to ensure the success of the project. That’s how a project is supposed to be done, fast, cost-effective yet efficient, and most of all, by expert and learned people – wherever they are.

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