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How to Hold Your Next Meeting without Killing Time and Productivity

Office MeetingIn common practice, a company meeting happens in an office, with attendees sitting around a table, with a projector or viewing screen on one side. The speaker or the most important person is at the head of the table and addresses people around it. It gets boring most of the time, and attention spans are put to the test when the meeting extends well past 15 minutes.

To get the boring part out of the meeting, and to maximise the time for important agenda, here are some suggestions.

Do micro meetings instead

Instead of assembling a bunch of people — most of whom have nothing to contribute to the meeting — just do micro meetings with only the person you need to talk with. Limit the meeting to you and one to two persons involved in the agenda. You can have the ‘meeting’ even while walking to another office. Go over the topic at hand and be done in five minutes tops. You save time and you don’t even have to order pizza.

Do your meetings outdoors

You can always do this at the nearby coffee shop, but how fun would that be? Schedule a hiking trip with the people you need to meet with, say a few top executives, then do your meeting around a campfire. You can use BGAN (broadband global area network) if you need Internet connection while in an area with poor reception. It’s an exciting and memorable way to do a meeting, better than the boring usual way of doing it in an office. This may not be for regular meetings, but it’s a fantastic way of determining personalities and traits among your officers.

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Do collaborations instead

Instead of meetings, get directly to work and collaborate on what you’re working on. Cloud services make this possible. For example, by using Google Docs, you can invite participants to collaborate on a certain document. You can see what people are doing real-time. Before setting up a meeting, think about whether what you need instead is collaborative work.

These are three ways to reduce the boredom and time-wasting nature of your meetings. You can accomplish more with these types of meetings, and your attendees are going to appreciate them more.

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