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Laser and Its Applications

LaserLaser is a device that produces narrow and powerful beam of light. It’s an acronym for “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation”. With the fast changing trends in technology, the laser system is now widely used in different fields. Its usefulness is something that has been appreciated in many fields that is why it is being applied.

Information Technology

Optical storage devices such as CD and DVD players have the largest application of lasers. Barcode readers, laser pointers and laser printers are among everyday uses of this technology. The use of lasers replaced the traditional hot metal printing in publishing and newsprint industries.


Since laser delivers enough power to heat and melt metal joints, laser is used for bending, cutting, welding metal and other materials. It is also used for marking or producing visible patterns in metals. A laser alignment procedure is one of the processes that display the use of laser technology.


In medicine, lasers are used for diagnostics, surgery and therapeutic applications. One of the most well-known uses of lasers is in eye surgery to improve bad eye sight and cure the disease. Advantages of the use of laser in surgeries include lower blood loss, less pain and scarring and shorter recovery time for patients. It also allows surgeons to access the internal organs better due to flexible optical fibres.

Other applications

In defense, laser can be utilized in guiding weaponries, marking targets, missile defense and others. Laser skin procedure is another field wherein lasers are continually growing in use. Lasers are also used for laser lighting displays and product development including holograms and bubblegrams.

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The discovery of laser is one of the most remarkable ones because it helps expedite and enhance the procedures in certain fields, laser alignment for instance. It has paved the way to new discoveries for science and technology to improve even more.

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