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Making ‘Cloud 9’ Happen: Overcoming Cloud Computing Security Jitters

server cloud cableCloud computing has become the norm for business across the globe as it continues to prove its cost-effectiveness and efficiency—among many other benefits. Given these advantages, though, there are still organizations wary about getting into the cloud.

Security and privacy are among the most important considerations, and perhaps you’re one of those managers concerned about the cloud’s capacity for such. Chances are it’s what’s keeping you from joining the bandwagon. Consider these helpful steps to overcome cloud security concerns:

Be a Smart Buyer

It is important to evaluate your security needs to ensure the purchase of the right software solution. This means you have to do work upfront as part of the sourcing process. Two things you need to remember: (1) figure out how the security assessment process operates on the software and (2) evaluate whether you need to match in-house skills so that you can plan security requirements and align them with security principles. Software providers like offer training for Deltek Cobra and other software products so that businesses are educated about the benefits and capabilities of the software purchased and to ensure they make the most of it.

Establish and Develop Knowledge

Knowledge is power. Only by being well informed will you have more confidence when it comes to choosing the right software for business. There have been significant changes over the years on the policies around data and IT security. The government is pushing efforts to minimize the amount of non-sensitive data, which is unnecessarily overprotected, and make sure that the most sensitive data is managed the right way. It is important to be aware of these changes for better discussions on security requirements with your business team.

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Prioritize Which to Move to the Cloud

Understand that moving to the cloud does not necessarily have to be all at once. In fact, technology experts say that the process should be gradual, as you consider your organization’s goals and priorities. Be strategic in terms of choosing what goes into the cloud. It always helps to ask software providers as you take initial steps.

Don’t let security jitters keep you and your organization from enjoying the benefits of the cloud computing technology. The cloud is revolutionizing IT industries and businesses. Keep up with technology and stay ahead of the game.

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