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Setting Up JIRA with the Help of a Consultancy Firm

Consultant giving advise using technologyProject management software systems are complex and so, might require plenty of time to set up. JIRA is one of the most popular online project management software, and it can also be hard to customize.

Accxia says JIRA consultancy services may help you do a correct setup the first time, without a need for a do-over. Doing it right the first time can be a big time-saver, allowing the company to use the system as early as possible.

JIRA’s Advantages

JIRA is not just a project management software. It is a cloud-based groupware that allows plug-ins to be added as needed. There are plenty of available plug-ins from third-party developers, and the users can easily include them in the implementation.

Most project management software systems are designed to be planning tools. JIRA, on the other hand, has been shown to be versatile and allows the users to run the software without any planning stage. This is particularly useful in monitoring tasks in an established company running concurrent look-alike mini-projects.

This is a common setup for online companies maintaining a website, or continuously putting up new websites. The tasks are all the same, but with different content or clients.

Time Tracking

For companies running projects according to progress billing rates, it is necessary to monitor time and tasks. JIRA is designed to keep track of the project members and to report accordingly. The project may have different tasks and different rates for each member or role. This is taken into account in the project and regular reports.

This brings a lot of benefits to the company. The time consolidation is not treated as a primary function; instead, it is done in the background. The focus of JIRA is to keep track of the time usage. Productivity and cost computation is secondary.

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