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The Three Best Advantages of Cloud Testing

Cloud storageCloud storage is being used by almost all companies and organizations all over the globe to store sensitive data and backup files.

Various cloud testing tools have their own ways of meeting both functional and non-functional requirements. If you’re not convinced that you need to come up with a cloud-testing strategy, here’s a quick look at the advantages of cloud testing:

Low Cost

Shifting to the cloud is a cost-effective solution for quality assurance teams. Rather than invest on various hardware and software to test systems, doing them on the cloud will prove to be an inexpensive move. As a platform, cloud testing costs are minimal; often on a per use basis rather than a flat fee per month. Over time, savings on testing tools and licenses can add up to a lot of money saved. This could be useful to the business or used to hire more people to expand the company even further.

Unlimited Availability

Teams can conduct tests from anywhere and anytime. The cloud is dynamic and nature and this allows testers to simulate various scenarios when they run their tests or assessments. If an unbelievable scenario happens in real life; especially when computers and software are part of the equation. Cloud testing can prepare companies for worst-case scenarios, even security attacks, and malware.

Agile Support

Cloud testing supports agile efforts by offering a collaborative platform. When test management solutions are in these environments, companies can involve team members in different stages or phases of product testing and development. The cloud ensures each member will see the most recent version of the files or projects they are working on. It also eliminates redundancies and offers quick access review for special projects that need a quick turnaround.

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Cloud testing helps teams move faster on time-sensitive projects and be more thorough for testing different codes. As companies move to agile processes, cloud testing can become an invaluable tool for progress.

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