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Things to Consider Before Installing Solar Panels

solar panels on the house's roofThe number of renewable power installation projects increases because solar power is becoming more affordable. It is now cheaper to have your own solar-powered house compared to being connected to the grid. explains that you can control your utility bills when you go solar. With this trend, it is only a matter of time before homeowners can enjoy the benefits of installing solar panels.

Is It Right for You?

There are several considerations before you go solar. You need to ask yourself if your house is properly oriented. The best roof orientation is toward the Southwest, South, or Southeast. It would be even better if you can install it on a flat roof. This will maximize the amount of time the sun shines on your solar panel.

You should also check for any trees or shade on your roof. If there are plenty of trees covering your roof, you won’t get the most of the sun’s rays. It would only be captured by the leaves of the trees. If you are in parts of the States that have less than the mean number of sunny days, you might not be able to get a good return on your investment. You can do something about the leaves and branches of your trees, but your local climate is beyond your control.

Necessary Repairs or Civil Works

Solar panels are an added weight on your roof. If your roof is older than seven years, you should have it inspected for any weakness or potential damages. It might be necessary to strengthen the trusses as well. You should also do the necessary repairs before installing solar panels. Having a weak roof might lead to sagging or warping. The solar panels would only weaken it further and lead to damages.

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Installing solar panels may look like an easy decision, but you still need to consider your home, the weather, and your roof. Ask for professional help to ensure that you’re making the right decision.

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