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What are the Latest Property Technology Trends in the UK?

A woman wearing a VR headsetThe introduction of 3D product visualisation as an innovative tool has become applicable in the real estate sector, particularly with the combination of virtual and augmented reality.

In the UK, property developers now have a better way of showing off their homes without having to hold an open house, notes GNET 3D. Interested buyers can simply have an online tour of certain projects—much like what you would do when exploring a place on Google Street View.

Better Details

VR and AR technologies not only help property developers in visualising their projects but also real estate agents who seek a novel way of promoting houses and other properties. The difference of using 3D technology lies in the ability of the buyer to see each part of the house in a more detailed manner, almost as if they are inside the place.

This is perfect for those who want to reduce the time spent on casual appointments. By the time a person schedules a visit, they are more likely to place an offer after already examining the property online.

PropTech Trends

Cash is king, but don’t be surprised if more people use cryptocurrencies to pay for their transactions. Blockchain technology has become more popular in recent years, and it has found its ways on the British property market. The pioneer transaction took seven days to complete, which means that blockchain transactions could reduce the number of deals that fall apart.

Other trending innovations include the use of software apps, including those that help tenants in finding the perfect place for rent. A person spends up to 30 hours finding a new rental unit, but using apps that match your preferences with listed properties would make the search process much faster.

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Property developers need to be updated with the latest trends in industry technologies to stay relevant and keep up with the competition. If you want to learn more about VR and AR technology, consult a firm that specialises in 3D architectural visualisation.

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