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Burglary: How it Destroys the Budget and the Mind of the Homeowner

Burglar with crowbar in front of the houseBurglary is a common crime in the United States that some take it for granted. But it’s not only costly but also downright frightening and traumatic.

How Much It Costs

There’s no way of knowing the actual costs of a burglary, but on the average, a homeowner can lose $2,000 worth of belongings. If one incident happens every 15 seconds, it means people lose almost $97,000 a day.

In Utah, where a property crime affects 14,000 homes, the crime means a loss of $240 million. But that’s not the only expense. Burglars are more likely to wreck the place, which means you have either to replace the damaged items or even remodel the room. That can mean thousands of dollars.

Installing home security systems here in Utah may sound to be a more practical and useful option for protection. Many companies can customize the package to fit the budget and help the homeowner monitor security.

The Trauma from Burglary

The loss of possessions is just half of the consequences of the crime. The more significant impact is in the person’s psychology. Whether the person is present or not during the incident, burglary is always a traumatic experience.

For the homeowners, the house is a sanctuary, a place where they can feel safe and be themselves. The crime, therefore, is a severe invasion of privacy and shatters the feeling of safety. It’s not unusual for the owners to be concerned at all times. Less than 50 percent will no longer feel utterly secure in their homes.

About 10 percent of them will suffer from the severe trauma they will eventually move. Making things worse are the studies that revealed burglars tend to revisit the same property if they end up being successful during their first break-in.

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The reality is one cannot control the decisions of criminals – they can always break in and steal whenever they want. What you can manage is your safety. Make your home the least attractive place by investing in excellent security tech and sound safety practices.

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