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Despite Looming Taxes on Digital Transactions, Online Jobs Still a Lucrative Option

Online Transactions
You might be one of many people that overspent during the holiday season and now that it is over, you are probably looking for a way to fill that big hole in your pocket.

Online jobs are a great way to earn extra cash, as most of them only require minimal effort and time on your part. Writing reviews, filling online forms and paid surveys at MyView are some of the best ways to earn on the side.

And as long as they are legitimate, there is no reason to worry even if the Australian government plans to impose taxes on the digital economy.

Changing Times

Being paid to give your opinion has become a trend ever since companies have faced increased competition for market share amongst consumers. Online surveys may have been a relatively new concept several years ago, so being paid for it is entirely another different concept.

Still, companies discovered that to maintain their business, knowing their customers serves as a key factor. By promising to pay customers in exchange for feedback, these companies have learned to adapt to the survival and growth of their business.

A looming challenge, however, will come in the form of taxes proposed by Australian Treasurer Scott Morrison.

Digital Tax

Nothing is certain but death and taxes, yet except for the former, imposing surcharges on the country’s digital economy will definitely involve a lot of changes to online transactions. The industry is valued at around A$7.37 billion of online deals per year and the government currently does not have the ability to tax that amount.

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Morrison expects to submit a proposal to amend the tax system will be introduced to the May budget session. He acknowledged that this plan will require some time, since proposing taxes to the digital economy means that an updated system should be in place.

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