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Five Steps to Creating a Collaborative Work Environment

Team working on a projectWhether your company is involved in design-thinking business or not, collaboration is one of the key ingredients of success. Enforcing it is not an easy task, however. Here are some proven ways to promote collaboration among the different departments in your organisation.

1. Streamline the processes with the use of technology

Conflicts happen when teams do not understand what each other is doing, so consider adopting enterprise resource planning or ERP solutions to allow everyone access to centralised data. This will let them see the workflow and track progress, which will help the different teams perform their roles successfully.

2. Conduct fewer meetings

You would think meetings would stimulate collaboration among the different teams, when in fact, too much of it can damage the whole dynamics. If there is no agenda, skip the meeting and resort to using a communication platform for updates.

3. Serve as a good example

You must have an obvious and sincere collaborative relationship with the other leaders in the management. Otherwise, it would be unreasonable to ask for it from your departments. Show your employees that your decisions are unanimous.

4. Create a community

Strengthening overall employee engagement can help build a sense of community. Aside from team buildings and training programs for skills development, you must initiate and sponsor activities and events that are not work-related such as game nights, charity drives, and group exercises.

5. Introduce an atmosphere of abundance

The root of all evil in the workplace is the concept of scarcity. Bust the myth and introduce its opposite, which is abundance. Remind everyone that they are not on a sinking ship that only holds several people at the same time. Always highlight equal opportunities for everyone, that as long as they work hard, they will be rewarded.

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It will help you achieve your goals and objectives efficiently and effectively if you have collaborative teams in your organisation. Take time to pay attention to improving collaboration, and explain to everyone the idea behind it.

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