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Protecting Your Home from Wildfires

Fireman dealing with a wildfireIn July 2018 alone, about six wildfires raged across Utah. These wildfires can decimate natural surroundings, damage homes, and take lives, so knowing how to protect your family and home from it is important.

Wildfires are caused when heat ignites the grass. They normally occur due to human activities, for example, discarding a lit campfire or the spark of a cigarette-end. Rarely, wildfires can also be caused on excessively hot days by the sun. The breeze then oxygenates the fire, so it burns stronger and carries it further, so a larger area is engulfed in flames. Sadly, it isn’t just animals that lose their habitat. People can lose their homes, too. A little forward planning could save a house or even a life.

Make Sure the Vents are Screened

Make sure all the vents in the house are screened so that sparks from an external fire cannot enter the house and cause a fire.

Install Window Shutters

Heat resistant, non-flammable shutters should be used instead of curtains when living in a wildfire area. The windows themselves should be triple pane thermal glass. Non-combustible underlay on the roofing should increase its resistance against flames, particularly if it’s a tile or metal roof.

Install Automatic Sprinklers

External sprinklers can be attached to the house and be used in the event of a wildfire. When heat sensors are activated, the sprinklers automatically turn on. Lawn sprinklers could put out vegetation fire, as well. Certified Fire Protection and other fire sprinkler contractors in Utah can advise what type of sprinkler to buy and install, so better ask for their advice.

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Tidy Up

This may seem obvious, but remove any debris that could catch fire around the house, such as log piles, discarded furniture, BBQ fuel, and dried leaves. These items burn easily and could turn your home into an inferno.

Have an Escape Plan

Memorize the layout of your property and its surrounding land. Practice an evacuation plan and learn more than one exit route. Do this with the entire family, so everybody is well-informed.

Wildfires are common in hot climates, but it can also be caused by carelessness. Getting an automatic sprinkler and fire-resistant shutters could preserve your home and your family.

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