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The Psychology of Online Shopping

Online ShoppingTechnological advances changed the way people shop. Though you’ll still see shoppers in stores, there are more people using tablets, laptops and smartphones nowadays to buy goods. Indeed, online shopping has a huge influence over the lives of consumers.

But why do more people prefer to shop online? Here are some studies that suggest the consumers’ motivations in choosing online shopping.


In a survey by Safe Home Products, around 96% of respondents revealed that they prefer online shopping because of the convenience it provides. It allows them to buy stuff anywhere with only a few clicks. Transportation costs are unnecessary since and other shopping sites in the US would normally deliver the goods to their doorstep.

Instant Access to Promos

Findings from Pulse of the Online Shopper Survey revealed that a majority of consumers choose online shopping because of quick access to information about retail deals and promotions. Unlike retail stores where they only offer their own deals, online shopping provides customers with access to discounts from a variety of product and service providers.

Easier decision-making

A study suggests people do online shopping not only for the lower prices but because it also helps them make informed decisions when buying goods. Many consumers admitted they use online shopping for research purposes since most shopping sites have comparison features and reviews. This makes it easy for consumers to pick out products that suit their needs and financial capacity.


Researchers found that consumers shop online because they have access to products and services that they normally can’t find in local retail stores. People will have access to both local and foreign goods since cross-country purchases are possible via online shopping.

With more people preferring online shopping, retail companies will most likely make their products and services available in such platforms. This means people will expect to carry mobile devices instead of large shopping bags in the future.

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