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Help Your Child Become an Athlete in 3 Ways

an adolescent swimmerMany people have witnessed the greatness of once-in-a-lifetime athletes like Michael Phelps and Serena Williams and wondered if their child could be the next big name in the world of sports. While there’s no surefire way to know if your children will turn out to be sports stars, you can sure help them become the best athlete they can be.

Develop their interest early

Getting your child interested in sports early doesn’t mean making him play organized sports at a very young age. You can just buy him age-appropriate sports-oriented toys, such as a basketball hoop or bowling set, to develop his interest. Additionally, watching games on TV and going to live games with your young child will expose him to sports and hopefully get him hooked.

Get them proper training

Once your child starts playing organized sports, you’ll get an idea whether he needs and wants formal training. Enrolling him in sports programs will help him develop his skills, as he will have access to the tools, equipment, and facilities, like a baseball speed radar gun, gymnastic vault, swimming pool, etc., you may not have at home. More importantly, he will get the chance to train with other people—his coach and fellow students—which can greatly improve his attitude toward sports.

Support them all the way

Your role as a parent doesn’t end at introducing your child to sports and enrolling him in classes. He needs your support throughout his sports journey. Try to find time to watch all of his school or local community games. When the time comes for him to join bigger tournaments, you should also find ways to provide physical, psychological, and financial support. And if ever he decides to change sports—or even quit—be there for him as well.

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As the saying goes, “Athletes aren’t born. They’re made.” So do what you can to help make your child the best athlete he can become.

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