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Top Events Everyone Queues In: An Unusual Collection

Waiting in lineWho says waiting in line is always an annoying thing to do? It only depends on what you’re queuing in line for, right?

This is very true. The number of people visiting mega crowded conventions can quickly go from zero to an intense ocean of like-minded individuals.

That’s why just like traditional train systems, modern conventions also now have a door counter system in place, so they can keep track of the people who enter their event. To give you a clearer idea, below is a list of locations where swarms of human beings love to fall in line:

Yearly Bridal Sales

It’s every lady’s dream: to have the most splendid wedding dress and paraphernalia at the lowest cost possible.

For at least twice a year, people go gaga over bridal store sales. If you’ve been in one, then you probably saw others who even bring a wardrobe change while camping outside the shops!

Fade to Black Friday

More like Good Friday, this event is the modern definition of what Thanksgiving is all about.

And thanks to this, people can buy the things they want at super discounted prices. Not to mention the gadget sales in every corner!

The Wizarding Harry Potter Conventions

While the franchise has long ended, every “pottercon” is just as magical as the first time.

Influencing everyone from your gran to your little kid, going to pottercon is sure to be a place swelling with fans. It makes you think what’s truly the priority of people, right?

Virtually Every Kind of Movie

Whether it’s a blockbuster or flop flick waiting to unveil, waiting in line to see the silver screen is everybody’s culture.

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Particularly in both Hollywood and Bollywood, seeing a movie is like attending a religious gathering. Those who make it fit and those who don’t are, well, outsiders.

All Dunkin’ Donuts Coupon & Sale Events

Forget about Starbucks because donuts will forever remain America’s sweetheart.

Who can ever resist the mouthwatering taste of pure sweetness? Of course, it’s natural for everybody to line up.

While many places notoriously create larger and longer lines, it doesn’t make people hate them. Sometimes, waiting in line is a necessary trouble everyone has to take so they can appreciate things more.

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