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Different Types of Mail Tools

MailMailroom devices are vital whether you are opening thousands of mail every day or processing hundreds of outgoing letters. Choosing the appropriate tools can save you money and make you more productive. The common receiving equipment comprises mail scanners and letter openers. The sending equipment includes letter folder, labelers, and tabbers.

Mail Scanner

A Mail Scanner is an ideal mail machine for government buildings, police stations, large mailrooms, and high-security facilities. Nearly all mail scanners are accurate and can perceive suspicious objects and can also prevent false alarms. They make use of an x-ray to scan a package and look for hazardous items. Some models have a built-in video screen that will allow you to see the image of the parcel. Most mail scanners can detect a hate mail as well as bombs.

Features to Consider when Purchasing a mail scanner:
  • Hate Mail Detection
  • Bomb Detection
  • Alarm
  • Video Screen
Letter Openers

Whether you receive moderate or vast volumes of letters, an automatic mail opener can save you money and time. It significantly decreases the time taken to complete the tiresome, labor-intensive job of opening your letter. There are different types of mail openers for various sizes of letters. They include handheld mail openers, floor standing openers, and table top openers.

Features to Consider when Purchasing a letter opener:

  • Accepted paper sizes
  • Speed (in sheets per hour)
  • Single sheet
  • Accepted paper weight
  • Types of folds
Letter Folders

Automatic mail folders are very advantageous for large volumes of letters. They are easy to operate and to set up. They produce tidier results and need less time. There are numerous types of mail folders for different volumes of letters. They include tabletop models and floor standing models.

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Features to Consider when Purchasing a letter folder:

  • Accepted paper sizes
  • Speed (in sheets per hour)
  • Single sheet
  • Accepted paper weights
  • Types of folds

There are various types of machines used in the mailing industry. The tools are set up specifically to enhance the accuracy of mail processing and the efficiency and speed of folding, tabbing, and inserting of mail pieces.

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