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Establish Your Brand Identity with a Brand Documentary

Woman editing clips for documentaryWhat type of video will you use to present your brand to your target customers? Today’s video content ranges from 30-second ads to hours-long livestream videos. A 30-second explainer video may be too short and live video may be too bland. With all these other video types out of the question, you can turn to brand documentaries.

Establish Your Brand Identity

A documentary highlights the story, personality, and philosophy of your brand. You can consider it a dramatic take on everything you want your consumers to know about your brand. If you’re operating in Denver, it’s ideal to work with a corporate video production company such as One Floor Up and create a compelling brand documentary.

Personalize Your Story

First, you can focus on personalization. Use stories that will encourage consumers to connect your brand with what they want to see. For example, a famous shoe company has been documenting the lives of creative artists and athletes since 2001.

Connect Your Strengths

Once you come up with personal stories, you need to connect your brand’s strengths to your stories. This way, consumers will know your brand as a champion of the stories that you document. Using the previous example of the shoe company, the brand has since been known as a label of creative, boundary-pushing expression in footwear.

Limit the Length

Video length will depend on what you will use the brand documentary for. If you’re planning to use the video for your “About Us” page, you can limit your video to two minutes. You can go longer if you want to cover several stories in one video.

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A brand documentary is ideal if you want to show off what your brand has to offer and what makes it superior. With the guidelines above, you can create a highly effective documentary that your target customers will love and appreciate.

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